Sheet Metal Lid - Holley Hi-Ram

Sheet Metal Lid - Holley Hi-Ram

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The Holley Hi-Ram series of intake manifolds are quite popular and they perform adequately, but in order to attain optimal performance out of it, replacing the lid is ideal. This lid is hand-made in-house out of sheet metal and will fit any Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold. It will also allow you to run a 105mm throttle body with your Holley Hi-Ram. We've removed the pinch point in the snout as well to improve distribution and to regulate air speed going into the manifold.

  • Allows for 105mm throttle bodies
  • Pinch point removed
  • Plenum volume increased
  • Horsepower increased
  • Air distribution increased
  • Ideal for boosted applications or high horsepower NA applications

This product DOES NOT include the Holley Hi-Ram lower manifold (base). We can include the lower manifold if you select that option above at an additional cost.

Holley makes this intake for the following applications:

  • LS1/LS2/LS6
  • LS3/L92
  • LS7
  • LT1 (Gen V)
  • SBF 8.2"
  • 351W 9.5"