Throttle Body Rebuild Service

We only rebuild Wilson Throttle Bodies.

Our rebuild service includes all parts replaced and cleaning of the entire Throttle Body. Afterwards it is fully tested and inspected to insure proper function.
All retaining clips, ball bearings, shafts, blades, blade screws and set screw for linkage arms are replaced with our rebuild service. Your Throttle Body will function like new after this service.

Wilson Manifolds recommends rebuilding your throttle body once a year to insure proper function, especially under extreme conditions if you are running boost.

The throttle blade and shaft are centered and positioned in the throttle body. The throttle body is under constant pressure even when closed. Under extreme conditions the parts will wear or fatigue over time. If any of the parts wear out, they can cause leaks, sticking and jamming of the throttle plate. This can cause many problems and is also a safety risk. It is recommended to inspect your TB before every race and rebuild it yearly as needed.