Fuel Injection (EFI) Conversion

Wilson Manifolds has been converting intake manifolds to fuel injection for decades. An EFI conversion generally costs $950 and includes our fuel rails (#8, or #10) cut, tapped, and machined for your injectors, stanchions to mount the fuel rails, injector bungs and their proper placement, and the welding + labor to get it all on there. We will also blend the bungs inside the runner. Some manifolds may have a slightly higher price due to complications during installation.
All we require is the manifold and at least two fuel injectors to ensure we get the rail height perfect. 
To get started, please contact us through our site or give us a call at 954-771-6216
The below manifolds EFI conversion was done incorrectly with the wrong Injector Bungs. 
The below manifold came to us as pictured below, we removed the old bungs and replaced them with proper placement of the injectors with robust mounted fuel rails as shown in the after shots below. 
The below picture is the manifold above before the EFI was redone.