Manifold Porting

Wilson Manifolds specializes in intake manifolds, and one of the main services we offer is our manifold porting service. We've honed our craft over decades to remain on the cutting edge of intake manifold design, which allows us to port/modify cast intake manifolds and improve them drastically. Whether you have a street car looking for some extra grunt, or a dedicated racecar that requires extreme modifications for fitment and efficiency, we can take care of you.

We port intake manifolds for drag racing, circle track, dirt late model, offshore boats, jetskis, motorcycles, airboats, UTVs, etc. 

We offer three levels of porting: Competition Porting, Intermediate Porting, and Plenum Porting.

Competition Porting is our most thorough porting service where we port all the way through the manifold as well as cut it open to adjust runner length, taper, plenum volume, etc according to your engine and application. We then weld it back up and refinish it so that when you get it back, it's a fully custom manifold based on your specifications. This is the service for you if you're looking to fully customize your intake manifold and make it the best manifold possible for your combination. Keep in mind that we strongly prefer to have the cylinder heads sent in for this type of job in order to attain perfect fitment and to ensure no power is left on the table (we will not modify your cylinder heads in any way).

Intermediate porting, also known as a "full port", is a porting service we offer where we port the plenum of the intake manifold as well as the intake runners. We will also match the ports of the intake manifold to either your cylinder heads or an intake gasket of your choosing. 

Plenum porting is a porting service we offer where we port the plenum of the intake manifold. We will adjust the divider walls, taper, angles, textures, etc to substantially enhance distribution and pick up horsepower. We can also match the ports of your intake manifold to the intake gasket of your choosing for an additional cost.

We can convert your 4150 intake manifold to a 4500 flange for an additional charge.

Any porting job we do will receive a beautiful Wilson Manifolds plaque welded on with a unique serial number, allowing you identifying the job for future reference.

Getting Started:

You can either send in your intake manifold (new or used), or we can help pick out the ideal intake manifold for your application. We do NOT manufacture cast intake manifolds, so we utilize intake manifolds from other companies and port/modify them so that they become custom manifolds.

To get started, please contact us through our site or give us a call at 954-771-6216. Our porting services are all one-off jobs because we port your manifold based upon the information you supply us. This ensures that your intake manifold will be the most efficient unit possible.