Wilson Profiler 13° SBC Manifold with Plenum Port

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We've expanded our line of SBC single plane manifolds to include a new 13 degree configuration. This proven design, already available in a 23 degree configuration, features pre-cast bungs for either fuel injection or nitrous. The Wilson Manifolds port design is ready for direct bolt-on performance or have our technicians prepare your intake with a full competition port/polish. Cast with standard 4150 carburetor flange. Additional head configurations can be fitted with minor modifications.

We port the plenum of the intake manifold. We will adjust the divider walls, taper, angles, textures, etc to substantially enhance distribution and pick up horsepower.

This is not a shelf piece, the manifold must be ported to the customers specifications after it has been purchased.

Every Ported manifold gets its own custom Tag.