BILLET COOLANT MANIFOLD with Radiator Cap 1.25" Hose Barb

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Wilson Manifolds billet coolant manifold is designed to allow for efficient cooling of your engine. Exceptional 5-Axis lightweight machining with black anti-corrosive coating. Collecting coolant from both ends of each cylinder head provides uniform cooling while helping to eliminate dangerous hot spots. Adequate cooling also helps maintain consistency round after round. A 1/8" NPT sensor port is included on all variants.

Adapts up to four #12 ORB (o-ring) inlets into a single 1-1/4", 1-1/2", or -16AN hose outlet. You can run an adapter fitting on either the #12 ORB inlets or the #16 ORB outlet to change the size if that better suits your needs. 

You also can choose if you want the provision for a radiator cap.

Not sure which variant is right for you? The radiator cap should be the highest point in the cooling system. If this coolant manifold will be the highest point in your cooling system, you will probably want the version with the radiator cap provision. Racecars using an ice box typically use the version WITHOUT the radiator cap provision.