HI-BOOST 123mm Billet V-Band Throttle Body

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Racers spoke and we delivered! New for 2021, the 123mm “HB” will join Wilson Manifold’s Hi-Boost throttle body line up. Specifically developed for severe duty and high boost applications, the new design provides industry leading performance and durability. We start with a massive 5/8” (.625”) stainless steel shaft with unmatched sealing strength, Precision fit TPS engagement that is compatible with either Ford or Motec TPS sensor, accompanied by a more versatile two way adjustable linkage system. Also, introducing a unique tapered blade; designed to enhance air-flow and strength. The same 5” V-Band inlet and outlet makes the 123mm HB a direct replacement to our original 123mm throttle body. 

Whether you are building a new project or updating your current one, race confident with the 123mm HB.

 2375cfm - 5"OD

We recommend to use our V-Band clamp as other 3rd party clamps may not work correctly.

WARNING: May increase boost levels