Ported LT-2 Intake Mod-1

2014+Corvette 2016+Camaro Ported LT-2 Manifold for LT-1 Engine

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Wilson Manifolds is now porting Chevrolet LT2 Intake Manifolds! This is the intake manifold that comes on the 2020+ Corvette C8, and we've developed a porting method for these intakes to increase horsepower and improve airflow substantially.

  • Ported runners
  • Blended throttle body opening
  • Blended parting lines in runners
  • Smoothed manufacturing imperfections
  • Professionally Ported by Wilson Manifolds
  • Tuning Reqiured for LT-1 motor after install

When switching from a stock intake manifold to the ported LT2 intake manifold, we have seen gains of 20+whp, with peak-to-peak gains being around 15whp. This intake manifold will allow you to make power further through the RPM range due to the shorter runners and larger plenum (compared to the LT1 intake manifold).

We Modify this intake manifold to fit the 2014+ Corvette and 2016+ Camaro with the LT1 Engine. These modifications include:

  • Removing material from the bottom side of the intake manifold to clear the high pressure fuel pump.
  • Drilling, tapping, & installing a fitting for the brake booster.