Wilson ProFiler 23° Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold with Intermediate Port & Gasket Match

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Wilson Manifolds - the leader in induction design and technology - has joined forces with Pro-Filer Performance to produce the latest SBC 23° Intake Manifold.  The Pro-Filer / Wilson intake manifold has shown a 25 HP gain over the competition in independent dyno testing.  The Pro-Filer / Wilson intake features a 4150 carb flange and fuel injection bosses cast on the manifold. 

Manifold Height 6- 1/8" 

This is not a shelf piece, the manifold must be ported to the customers specifications after it has been purchased.

Intermediate Ported Manifold

We port the plenum of the intake manifold all the way through the runners. We will adjust the divider walls, taper, angles, textures, etc to substantially enhance distribution and pick up horsepower.

Every Ported manifold gets its own custom Tag.