4150 Throttle Body - 1287CFM with IAC/TPS/ATS built in

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The NEW 4150 Billet Throttle Body was designed with one goal in mind... Air Supremacy! Capable of delivering over 1500cfm, this is the highest flowing 4-blade 4150 throttle body on the market today. This new design's Stainless Steel 3-Way Adjustable Linkage connects to 3/8" Throttle Shafts that ride on Sealed Roller Bearings instead of bushings that wear out and leak over time.

 Height of the 4150 TB is 2 3/8" Tall 

Includes IAC, TPS & Air Temp Sensors built into the body to ease installation!

Has 3 built in 1/8" NPT Ports on the rear lower side if TB.

Wilson Manifolds High Flow Throttle Bodies were developed using the latest computer modeling software and test equipment available to produce designs that yield the maximum flow per square inch of cross-sectional area. This results in maximum power for any given throttle body type and size. Four barrel style throttle bodies are designed to work with our line of billet spacers and incorporate a tapered and radiused throttle bore and precisely machined progressive linkage for smooth throttle operation. They also feature inward opening throttle blades to eliminate any part throttle directional influence by the blades that can cause poor air distribution. We have also redesigned our Dominator style throttle bodies to incorporate improved throttle linkage and to significantly reduce overall mass. All throttle bodies feature stainless throttle blades to control vibration and reduce thermal expansion Throttle blades are fastened to the throttle shaft using aircraft quality hardware that is both Loctited and peened to assure positive retention of the blades. Throttle shafts are machined to decrease their cross-sectional area, which increases the actual cross-section available for airflow. All throttle bodies are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum on precision CNC machining centers for consistent quality and light weight. High flow throttle bodies are available in 4500 and 4150 four-barrel styles as well as many single bore sizes in Ford style.  

Flow numbers:

Throttle Body Only:     1287cfm

w/ 1" tapered spacer:   1455cfm

w/ 1.5" tapered spacer: 1488cfm

w/ 2" tapered spacer:    1516cfm

Includes IAC, TPS & Air Temp Sensors built into the body to ease installation!