4500 Dominator Billet Single Stage Plate System Without Burst Panel Spacer

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 Be sure to check out Engine Masters season 8 episode 24 Port vs. Plate nitrous injection. 

Patented Nitrous Pro Flow assembled plate systems produce more horsepower and provide better reliability than any other system on the market. These assembled systems provide the cleanest & easiest method of installing a nitrous system. Nitrous Pro Flow assembled systems are the standard in the industry for state of the art nitrous systems.

At the heart of the system is the Patented Nitrous Pro-Flow plate with its exclusive stainless steel spray bars incorporating Fan Spray Tube Technology, and burst panel protection. The Fan Spray Pattern created by progressively angled orifices evenly covers the full 360 degrees of the intake plenum to insure equal distribution and to eliminate corner cylinder lean out. Burst panels provide protection to the carburetor/throttle body in the event of a fuel system or ignition system failure. The plate itself is fully CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and is hard coated for durability and corrosion resistance. 

Systems are assembled using our high flow fuel solenoids, high flow nitrous solenoids, nitrous purge solenoid, patent pending solenoid mounting bracket, and stainless hard lines from the solenoids to the plate. The uniquely designed plate inlet fittings and hard line plumbing significantly enhance metering capabilities by eliminating expansions in the system that can cause a phase change in the nitrous oxide. The nitrous oxide is purged directly from the nitrous solenoid body. This allows the solenoid bowl to be completely filled with liquid nitrous, allowing the liquid to reach the plate faster. Completely plumbed and wired into 6 prong weather pack connectors. Each system is individually flow tested after assembly to insure quality and consistency. Stainless steel jet pack and supporting weather pack connectors are included along with detailed installation and operating instructions. 

This Single Stage Plate System is good for 50-350 HP, dependent upon the jets you select.

- Single stage plates with no burst panels measure .3750" thick.

- Single stage plates with burst panels measure 1.625" thick.

Complete your system with a 10lb or 15lb Completion Kit (available separately).