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Dodge Cummins 5.9L
Dodge Cummins 5.9L

The Wilson Thrasher kit consists of an alloy cast elbow, billet baseplate, Stainless-Viton rubber gasket, and all necessary fasteners. The installation time is approximately two hours.

In contrast with the OEM arrangement, this new induction system provides greater equality of air-fuel distribution.

As a result the Thrasher generates:
- Better horsepower and torque, especially when cruising between 2000-2250 rpm
- Increased fuel economy
- Lower exhaust gas temperatures
- Less smoke
- Improved drivability and less turbo lag

The Thrasher intake system was dynamometer tested under strict disciplines. The intake was compared with the OEM manifold, both of which were tested with a factory ECU. The two intakes were then compared against each other with the use of an aftermarket program.
Gains over stock manifold with stock ECU: 30HP & 79ft-lb of torque
Gains over stock manifold with aftermarket ECU: 117HP & 307ft-lb of torque

“The 5.9L Cummins diesel fitted to all ‘03-’07-1/2 Dodge Ram trucks suffers from poor air distribution, especially on the last three cylinders. Wilson increased plenum volume and eliminated the inefficiencies. Testing the new Thrasher induction system showed increases of 30-plus horsepower and 90-plus ft lbs of torque! In addition, exhaust gas temperatures dropped by 200-plus degrees. The Wilson Thrasher intake manifold is the only manifold on the market that provides these improvements without need of expensive aftermarket manifolds and head removal.”
–Richard Arias, Florida Performance Diesel

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THRASHER Cummins 5.9L intake for 2003-2007 

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